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  • 😊 No knowledge required, get up and running in minutes with minimal configuration
  • ✨ 20+ Typed Schemas for best practice (Google, Yoast) Rich Results
  • 🧙 Automated Schema: @id, URL / date resolving, route meta and more
  • 🤝 Integrations for VitePress, Nuxt, Vitesse and Vite with auto-imports
  • 🍞 Choose your preferred API: Composables or Components
  • 🌳 SSR, tree-shaking and Schema inheritance ready


Implementing is the easiest way to opt-in to Google Rich Results. The improved visibility of Rich Results has been shown to improve click-through rates.

Existing solutions to add ld+json script tags work.

However, implementing and maintaining Schema has issues:

  • Option paralysis in which Schema to implement and how
  • Limited and confusing documentation on best practices
  • Nested Schema adding unnecessary kB to page weight
  • Managing @id and url references are brittle

This package aims to solve all of these issues, following the best practices from SEO giant Yoast and Google's own documentation.